Monday, May 2, 2011

Roast In Hell Usama Bin Laden

Roast in Hell Osama, Bravo Navy Seals,

Long Live Freedom and Liberty, God Bless America!!!

Now that he had been buried at sea, does every drop of sea water become a shrine that every hater of Freedom and Liberty should worship and sanctify?

This is also good news for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Imagine with millions of UBL acolytes who would feel uncomfortable about relieving themselves because of the thought that their waste may eventually mingle with the remains of Bin Laden, and therefore defile his memory!?!?!

In and of itself, the discomfort factor could be worth the billions of dollars and thousands of lives, not to mention the tons of tears, sweat and blood and countless sleepless nights for both principal and peripheral players, we have spent on the worldwide war on terror.

But America lest we forget: Momentarily we might impute to President Obama the moniker of being the "Captor of Osama Bin Laden." In the final analysis the eventual downfall of America can come from the evil effects of Quantitative Easing. The lunacy of promoting economic growth by printing tons of money is certain to be the Achilles Heel that would cripple American Exceptionalism.

Wake up, America: make sure that Obama should be a one-term President!!!