Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Original English Lyrics Catalogue

Original English Lyrics Catalogue

Below is a catalog of Original English Lyrics compositions as posted in the venue in reverse chronological order of opus completion and posting thereabouts.  They are listed in the order played in the attached YouTube playlist above.

I am calling on all adventurous souls to take every one of them [English version of course] for test drive and send me feedback as to how the locutions handle the melody curves ~>  Mighty bumpy or relatively smooth ride?  Don’t pull any punches.  I can take any criticism, good, bad, indifferent or otherwise.

(04) [Contrite Entreaty, You Alone, Pardon In Oblivion, Maroon In Scorn]

This is intended to be a work in progress.  So the list may hopefully grow as more titles come out of the crucible of lyrics mongering. 

Here’s to thank you very kindly for indulging an aging old man’s whimsy.  Just one clip per donor, please.  Just for the record, so far not a single soul has bothered with any of it.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Asumen Regimen for Cardinal Sin

Asumen Regimen for Cardinal Sin

This is the historically well-documented “Asumen Regimen for the Condign Treatment of Cardinal Sin,” conceived by my grandfather, a first generation Asumen and refined to perfection by my father.  Below are the essential elements of the treatment:

(1)        Hang the subject by the toenails over a vat of freshly sliced Korean scallions spiked with the freshly squeezed juice of the acrid acerbic wild purplish philodendron;

(2)        The hanging should be suspended to the rafters of a closed woven bamboo alcove covering a half-tunnel dug off of a hillside;

(3)        The open end of the half-tunnel should be upstream of the prevailing wind;

(4)        At the mouth of the tunnel should be maintained a slow-burning bonfire fueled with rain-soaked coconut husks ensuring that it emits a smoke as thick as molasses.

(5)        The proceedings continue until the subject admits to the trespass and renounces the error of deed’s ways.

Any dispute respecting accuracy of the details stipulated herein should be forthrightly brought to the attention of the author, preferably as a blog-spot comment hereabouts.  They all shall be welcome with gratitude.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Beheading Qualifiers

Beheading Qualifiers

Ah, Love! could you and I with Him conspire 
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire, 
Would not we shatter it to bits--and then 
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!
~~Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat

Attaching adjectival qualifiers to report the practice of beheading only serves to anesthetize the sensibilities of the national polity.  It blunts the malignant dimension of the phenomenon to make it a more acceptable datum in the continuum of societal consciousness.
If history were honest enough to chronicle the events objectively, it should record that it was during Pres. Obama’s watch that the public beheadings of Americans as a propaganda tool for her enemies gained ubiquitous currency in both the national and international landscapes.  

So inglorious a legacy for a President obsessed with the fundamental transformation of America is worse than an ironically tragic wages for the Apology Tour concluded before his first Inauguration.  It is one of the hallmarks of the vaingloriously celebrated Obama Transformation of the nation.  It is an eloquent testimony that the more his ideological agenda succeeds, the worse he degrades the office of the Presidency.

To make matters worse, journalism as the primary protector and custodian of information in any civilization has conspired to abnegate, in toto, on that responsibility.  All of punditocracy print (hard and soft copies) and airwaves (TV and radio) appear to have been beset by the compulsion to qualify the beheading ritual variously as “ghastly, barbaric, gruesome, horrific, etc.”

It makes this question most urgently compelling: is there ever a compassionate or charitable kind of beheading?  I submit, contend and maintain that in our day and age there is not and there never will be. 

The only appropriate family of adjectival qualifiers that should apply to beheading are those associated with Islamic tenet, i.e., Islamist, jihadist, terroristic, etc.  Couched in poetic parlance, many centuries earlier the Persian verse virtuoso immortalized the practice in the following quatrain:

The mighty Mahmud, Allah-breathing Lord 
That all the misbelieving and black Horde 
Of Fears and Sorrows that infest the Soul 
Scatters before him with his whirlwind Sword.
~~Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat