Sunday, August 12, 2012

Drawing the Lines

The lines have been drawn; the battle has been re-joined.  Let the fight and the fun begin.

It is a battle between the takers and the makers, between the blamers and the dreamers, between the wreckers and the fixer-uppers, between Peter Keating and Ellsworth M. Toheey on the one hand and Dominique Francon and Howard Roark on the other.  If anyone out there does not have any clue what I’m talking about, I implore you, come November 6th, to please go fly a kite or go trout fishing.  Don’t bother going to the voting booth.  By being so clueless, you shall have forfeited your rights and privileges of citizenship, you are a disgrace to the idea of America, and you are not qualified to vote.

I of course refer to the GOP Romney/Ryan ticket.  It is a fitting tribute to the political acumen and decorum of Gov. Romney that in response to the most putridly vile barrage of falsehoods, calumnies, distractions and irrelevance hurled against his person by the Obama campaign, he elected to emphasize the difference between the Obama regime’s machinations and what is needed to revitalize the nation’s economic vigor by picking a veritable budget guru of financial wizardry as his running mate in Cong. Paul Ryan.

What the New York Times (c.f., ) have failed to grasp is that for every non-inflationary dollar in the government coffers, a commensurate profit in the private sector has to be realized.  Taxes paid by private enterprises are the only legitimate source of government wealth.  You simply cannot bankrupt the private sector and expect the national economy to be viable.  Every dollar the government prints that is not backed by productive output in goods and/or services serves only to undermine the long term viability of the national economy.

By presenting the nation with a Romney/Ryan ticket, the choice is between plodding along as a country of government dependents or of self-sufficient productive citizens.  Good luck, America.  As I emphasized earlier elsewhere, cf, p. 262 at

“. . . without any exception, any nation invariably deserve the leadership that happens unto them, regardless of the process (or errors) they come by it.”