Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season's Greetings

In Lieu of a Greetings Card*

Often the truth we sadly miss

As we see only what we know.

Nor each occasion could reveal

The gravity of what we feel,

On things we dare and dare not do.

Yet, though in vain, let me express

One simple thought, one sincere wish:

That may with love and peaceful bliss

Replete you find the Holidays!


And may the seasons thereafter

Be seasoned with mirth and laughter.

The rare occasioned somber sky

May not but serve to amplify

The happiness of days gone by,

And glories of unyielding prime,

And promises of days that lie

Uncharted in the blue abyss

And daunting vagaries of Time!


May each grief find sweet redress;

Alien to fears, much less to tears,

May triumphs and exploits increase

All through the fast succeeding years!


H A P P Y   H O L I D A Y S !!
Merry Christmas & AHappy New Year to you ALL!!!

*I have circulated this piece every year from way back when I first wrote it in 1980.  This year, though I’m slowing down in the uptick, I don’t find sufficient reason to stop doing it this year.  So wherever you are and whatever you are into, may all your endeavors be rewarded with the bounty you deserve both materially and spiritually.

Incidentally, this piece is also on page 170 of my book released by FriesenPress last year, 09/2011.  C.f., http://www.flirtingwithmisadventures.com/orderthebook.htm