Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dramatics Déjà Vu or Simply Serendipity

The great Jack Nicklaus himself conceded that it was one of the greatest golf shots he had witnessed.  I refer to Tiger’s hole out chip off the greenside rough in the 16th hole of the Memorial Tournament which marked his taking the lead away from Rori Sabatini and eventually hoisting the championship trophy.

Without rehashing the serendipitous historical significance of this victory, (e.g., seventy-third to tie Jack’s record at Jack’s tournament) which has been amply commentated upon by both broadcast and print media, let me hasten to hope that it would trigger the beginning of a resurgence in Tiger’s winning ways.  Not that I harbor nostalgia for a dominant player in American golf.  Rather, a sterling season by an accomplished performer would provide an appropriate challenge for the young guns of American golf to aspire to surpass, effectively instigating a constructive rivalry in the process.

Editorializing on the Escalade Affair which marked the inception of the hiatus in Tiger’s trophy production, chapter 27~~Dearth of Accountability—Tangling with a Tale of the Tiger~~p.299 ff, of my book, Flirting with Misadventures, concluded thus,

“. . . I appeal to Elin Nordegren Woods’ infinite goodness to give the transgressor a second chance.  I am as certain as that the sun shines in the East come morning, that a rehabilitated (and forgiven) Tiger Woods is infinitely a more valuable asset to humanity than a fallen, disgraced, and damaged colossus of much more than just golf.”

This is only the copyrighted version of my bona fides as an unapologetic, albeit not unconditional, enthusiastic Tiger well-wisher.

On page 300 of the book, I noted with unmistakable emphasis:
To Tiger’s laudable credit, he elected to own up to the shenanigans and vowed to make amends when he announced his decision to take “an indefinite break” [from golf] to repair his marriage.  We can only wish him well.  It is indeed heartening that he seems to have the support and encouragement of his fellow professional golfers.

It would indeed be most delightful if a resurgent Tiger can seal the deal of his comeback by hoisting the trophy come this Fathers’ Day.  Then the tour and the rest of the world are put on notice that the quest to surpass the majors trophy tally of Jack Nicklaus shall have been fully re-engaged.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Borrowed House

‘‘The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive,’’ [President] Obama said during a White House news conference.

With all due respect, Mr. President: It is NOT your White House.  It is your administration using the people’s White House.

It is the people’s White House and it is lent to you to enable and facilitate you dispose of the job of leading the country.  And let me say that in almost three and one-half years you have done a very lousy job so far.

During your administration the country has grown the national debt to more than the size of the gross domestic product.  The credit rating has for the first time been downgraded to less than AAA.  Unemployment numbers were higher than we have seen in a few generations.  You played more rounds of golf than played by all your predecessors combined.  You campaigned for re-election since the day after your inauguration.  You roamed around the globe to apologize for what America is all about.

In short, Mr. President, you are a disgrace to the office.  If you can maintain that the private sector economy is doing just fine, it only proves you are delusional and living in an alternate reality. 

I devoted chapters 24 through 26 of my book, Flirting with Misadventures, to demonstrate why and how this is so.  On page 288, I explicitly stated,

The deployment of a regime of czars, with 26 czardoms at last count, and counting, “. . . is an unprecedented power grab centralizing authority in the White House, outside congressional oversight and in violation of the Constitution.” 

So do the country a favor and relinquish the office to somebody who is a little bit more sober than you have proved to be in more than three years.