Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Plenary Reckoning

It is practically impossible to beat Santa Claus.  People are not going to vote against Santa Claus, especially if the alternative is being your own Santa Claus.~~Rush Limbaugh

“. . . the Republican Party, like today’s transfer-payment state, is endangered by tardiness in recognizing that demography is destiny.”


Immediately after Fox News called the re-election of President Obama as a done deal, I turned off the TV and went to sleep.  I soon found that sleep was hard to come by.  So I got out of bed and posted the following on my Facebook wall:


Obama won re-election.  Dyslexia prevailed over sanity one more time. I'm afraid the worst is yet to come.


It’s difficult to lick my wounds when I’ve not even been in the trenches.  So they are dancing on the streets.  They don’t even know it’s a funeral dance they are indulging in.  I guess it will be “Pilipinas here I come” for me just as soon as I can afford to renew my passport.


Earlier before the election, I confided to a few people whose opinion I value with the utmost respect, my speculation of relocating outside the U.S. should Pres. Obama win re-election.  The main reason has been that I really do not enjoy four more years of looking at President Obama’s face on TV, or elsewhere in the media.  I don’t cherish living the next four years aware of being consumed by the obsession to violate one of the Ten Commandments.


Two of the most logical destinations for such a move were Krakow, Poland, the city where my wife was born and raised.  It’s a very beautiful city exceedingly rich in cultural traditions.  It has more catholic churches than bars and night clubs.  She counts Copernicus amongst her favorite sons.  It however has the misfortune of being landlocked.  I have never lived more than an hour from the sea cost in my entire life.  I’m not about to start now.


The second option is the Philippines, the place I nostalgically refer to as “the old country.”  In particular, the southern part of Surigao del Norte province in the island of Mindanao where my parents bequeathed me a small parcel of land with specific instructions not to sell it off to anyone outside of the family blood line.  The parcel itself may not be promising as a farmland.  But it has some real possibilities as a gateway to some economic mineral deposits.  The main drawback is that my wife is allergic to tropical mosquitoes and she cannot stand the sight of pacific-size cockroaches, ever so abundant in the locale.  Moreover, she has innate difficulty in handling tropical humidity.


So unless I’m ready, willing, and eager to break up my family, which I am most definitely not, relocation should be out of the question.


Besides, after more than a week of consternation over losing the election, I have gotten hold of my senses to realize that the America I had signed in for had most definitely changed in demographics.  People of my temperament have been consigned to the edges of the statistical Bell Curve.  Ergo, now more than ever, my America needs me to fight for her rightful restoration from the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, the most egregious and despicable occupant of the Oval Office, throughout history immemorial.

The point is, this last best hope of man on earth is worth fighting for and I’m here to stay to give it my all.  May the force be with us till we prevail over this most vile incarnation of the devil.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fighting for the National Soul

If you don't mend your principles you will go to the devil.
~~F.A. Hayek, 13-Oct-73
Fourth Wincott Memorial Lecture:
Economic Freedom and Representative Government

Vying for occupancy of the Oval Office has always been a matter of ideology.  When operating at the helm, the direction to which you stir the ship of state depends primarily on your vision of what tomorrow brings or should bring.  Gov. Romney’s choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate confirmed that conservatism will be the ideological anchor in a Romney presidency.

As seemingly illustrated in the 1972 movie, “The Ruling Class,” [C.f.,] the decadence of the ruling elite is a leading indicator of the national polity’s decline and degradation, making its claim to hegemony over any aspect of civilization untenable.  Or worse yet, it can be the unmistakable precursor to the polity’s eventual collapse. 

Thus, for instance, Pres. Obama’s flying off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser in the immediate aftermath of the sacking of Benghazi, was to be charitable about it, the moral equivalent of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome was burning.  At least in the case of Nero, what the Emperor flaunted about was only criminal malicious negligence for the welfare of the citizens of Rome. 

In the case of Pres. Obama and the Benghazi tragedy, the President added insult to injury when he perpetrated the lie, especially at the memorial service reception for Ambassador Stevens and the other casualties, that it was all caused by an obscure internet video deemed, by the Islamic mob, offensive to the religious sensitivities of Islamic Jihadists. 

The President chose to dishonor the dead in order to cover up the total collapse of the Obama Doctrine in foreign relations, which essentially consists of an apologetic appeasement of our enemies and an unconditional rapprochement with the Islamic world, in particular, and all adversaries, in general, both foreign and domestic.  For make no mistake about it: home grown al Qaeda cells have flourished during President Obama’s watch.  They were just veiled and wrapped in the Regime’s delusional euphemisms.

Beyond foreign affairs, an entire spectrum of policy formulations that define the Obama Regime can best be characterized as a Kabuki dance paradigm of governance, encapsulated in the following excerpts from the [Dance of] Heaven and Earth Affinity:

Gone are the worries,

Troubles of olden days,

All, all forgotten;

While in their place flows great joy,

Joy that o'erwhelms with its bounty.

For which some historical perspective may be in order.  In its heyday, around the rare half of the Ashikaga Shogunate (1338-1573) of Imperial Japan, the art form of the Kabuki dance emerged as a conveniently effective vehicle for socio-political satire deployed by the lower classes vis-à-vis the powers that be, as an acceptable avenue to express a parody subtly critical of the extant mores in any feudal military regime. 

Subtle was the crucially operative modifier.  In a feudal regime the personal well-being of anybody outside the privileged and ruling classes was nothing but ordinarily expendable, as a matter of protocol.

Deployed by the underlings against the powers that be, a parody may prove as an effective tool for redress of grievances against the economic-political power structure.  But when used by the power elite, especially those at the helms of government against the governed, it conveys contempt and mockery of the welfare and aspirations of the governed.

The self-professed undocumented pundit and unassimilated foreigner, Mark Steyn, opined three years ago, on President Obama’s over dramatized indignation at AIG executives:

The first two months of the Age of the Hopeychange have been an eye-opener.  I expected it to be ideologically distasteful to me, but I didn’t expect it to be so inept. Not because I had any expectations of President Obama’s executive skills.  But I assumed he’d have folks around him who could take care of details like governing, while he pranced around as the smiley-face hopeychange frontman.  But the bench is still empty save for a handful of mediocrities.  And the  disconnect between the smoothly scripted mush and what’s actually happening makes the telepromptered cool look even more ridiculous.
There was nothing subtle about the Benghazi-Las Vegas confluence and sequence of events.  Rather, it was a blatant, unbridled, in-your-face show of contempt for the well-being and sensibilities of the governed.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the re-election of Pres. Obama would ensure the decline and collapse for America.  Re-electing Pres. Obama would be properly interpreted by the power elite as an electoral mandate for the philosophical underpinnings of the agenda Pres. Obama espoused during his first term, viz., the fundamental transformation of the mode of governance from a government by the people and for the people to a government by the elite and for the hoi polloi. 
Competition by voluntarily owned free enterprises will give room to an infrastructure of commerce and industry controlled by the government through a cabal of functionaries chosen by crony enterprise czars who derive their power from executive orders and bureaucracy-created Regulatory Commissions.  Free-market based capitalism will be replaced by a market mechanism based on command-and-control system with all the ideological trappings of central planning and life-boat economics.
It shall be tantamount to kissing the proverbial American Dream good bye, forevermore.  It is the moral equivalent of mortgaging the National Soul to the devil himself.