Friday, May 7, 2010

There Must Be Something Special About It

While I was in the middle of my disappearing act, shortly before Rommel dug me up out of the Internet circa 1996, I had a dream in which you were a part. The strange thing about it was that you were the ONLY one who appeared in that dream of all my many nieces and nephews.

At that time, I was aware of a total of 13 nephews and nieces: 5 amongst your siblings, 3 from Manong Titing's brood, Lidel from Mana, John Manuel from Lita, and 3 from Flor's children, including Edmond. Then, I did not know anything about Mario's family.

I don't know what kind of significance you attach to dreams, but in my 66 years under the sun, this is one of only four such very vivid dream narratives which don't get washed off my reverie. It is the reason I want to tell you about it. So here it goes:

I was by myself having a late-lunch/snacks in an unknown ferry terminal restaurant to pass the time while waiting for my boat. Two tables away from me a party of five young people, 3 females and 2 males, were noticeably stealing glances my way.

Then one of the lovely young ladies approached me with singular determination and said: "excuse me if you find it rude, my name is Abet, I want to tell you that you look like you can be my long lost uncle." I was so pleasantly surprised. As soon as I started to register a glimmer of recognition of your appearance, I attempted to get up to give you a hug. But I woke up and the dream ended before I could hug you.

End of story. I believe I have related this to Rommel, somehow, when I first visited him in Florida. He did not seem to be very impressed about it.

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