Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Non Sequitur

(Non Sequitur NYC, 01/29/82)

(XV) [1]

Shall I compare you to a summer storm

Which steals the sunshine from my frolic days

And aberration make of suchlike norm

As nurtures dreams of love and lovers' bliss?

Yet even so, a tempest brings some rain

Which may the withered gardens send to bloom

Or grace the meadows with a lush of green

That merrymaking maidens may yet groom

Sweet dreams of unadulterated love

With rainbows of forgotten innocence.

Should othersidedness of things need probe

Beyond the boundaries of common sense

To prove that ambivalence but augment

The lethargy our own predicament?


(XVI) [2]

That from my touch you cannot but recoil

Into within, withdraw stiff with shudder,

As sure portends the havoc of turmoil

Like lightning flash descends before thunder

Brings the cloudy rage of a summer storm

To fill the hungry innocence which streams,

In languid expectation's yawning norm

Prepare, like many selffulfilling dreams,

To catch surfeit precipitation's yield

Lest in the cruel depths of winter's frost

Lack ample substance for a surface shield;

And hope, in tranquil hibernation lost

To vagaries and whims of early spring

Anon but love's perdition lingering!


(XVII) [3]

I must confess that I am at a lose

To even vaguely guess your heart's desire.

No pondering could hasten pin the cause

Or reason for the toosoon quenched fire.

Quiet introspection beget quite a few

Sound explanations; yet falls short to chart

Out abreactions which might pull me through

Prevarications which you rank in art.

True, I can't lose the which I have not won,

Nor count the merits should such lose incur;

Ill happenstance, no kin to oblivion,

No lighter make the injury endure.

This I do know just good intentions make

No substitute for actions we should take!


(XVIII) [4]

To put the fault on my illattitude

Socalled, yourself you find acquit from blame

Yet blameless be, what worth a fortitude?

Mischief breeds malice, should itself disclaim!

Were conscience from all blemish fully free

Its force of judgment should all times prevail,

And so prevailing, would perforce decree

Exclude such things bedeemed as boding ill

From all affairs you deign to undertake;

So undertaken, merits are your own

To cherish; else, for ills amends to make.

Laurels anon, save such as Laurels won:

Selfabsolution but redeem in vain

The sinner not the sinning nor the sin!

[* * *]

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