Saturday, October 30, 2010

Memo to All Californians

  1. Jerry Brown has been a permanent fixture of the State Government infrastructure even before he became governor way back when. He is, in no small measure, responsible for the fiscal mess the California has become. It's time to retire Jerry. Send him home and put Whitman in. It needs the intuition of a woman to clean-up the mess.

  2. Boxer's most notable accomplishment has been to rename buildings and streets, and facilitate immigrants' documentation processing towards a green card for all of 18 years. That's 3 full Senatorial terms. It's about time to give another woman a shot at representing California in the National Polity: send in Carly Fiorina, you'll all be the better for it.

  3. As a matter of general sanity and intellectual hygiene, it's about time to seriously consider an Abortion Litmus Test: Any political aspirant for any office whatever which has leverage over fiscal policy and budgeting should be screened respecting support or opposition to government funding of abortion on demand. At a time when the national fertility rate barely passes breakeven only because of immigrant population who are less prone to kill off their offspring, it is unconscionable to have taxpayers' (some of whom are definitely against abortion) money be allocated to kill off the nation's future.

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