Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Dignity of Labor

Labor Day Song I Vaguely Remember

There is a song I learned in my fourth grade ('53-'54) which seems most appropriate for the Labor Day celebration. I don't exactly know the title to it. I vaguely remember it as "The Dignity of Labor." But I remember singing it with my chapter delegates at the provincial 4H-Club rally during my junior year in high school ('60) to the generous acclaim of both the judges and the general audience.

If anyone knows anything about it, please be kind enough to fill me in. I want to put it in some historical context of sorts.

The lyrics goes like this:

The Dignity of Labor

Out in the world we are going

Striving in life's glorious den

Joy and success ever seeking

Hoping to conquer and win

Labor's our best inspiration

Thrilling both body and mind

Labor enriches the nation

God's gracious gift to mankind.



In loving world there is honor

Labor with love wins the strife

Dignify and cherish labor

Giving our nation with life.

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