Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hubristic Exuberance

Hubristic Exuberance: A Memo to Bill O'Reilly

There is one word that most appropriately characterizes the Obama Administration: Arrogance. If one is a stickler for modifiers, the phrase would be Unbridled Arrogance. In essence, it is borne of, if not the exact equivalent to the memo headline, Hubristic Exuberance.

The underlying premise evinced in Bill O'Reilly's Factor interviews with Joe Trippi, Lanny Davis, Karl Rove and Denis Miller is demonstrably an unadulterated fallacy. It is a mistake to attribute the seeming bungling incompetence exhibited by the Attorney General Eric Holder and Presidential Press Secretary Joe Carney as stemming from not having been adequately briefed by their respective staff. The reality is far worse than that. It is that plainly and simply this administration just does not care an iota of what we the people think.

As aptly emphasized on page 202 (and several other parts therein) of my recently published book,

"We are at a crossroads when political decorum disregards well established protocols of intellectual inquiry in order to pursue and forcibly implement political agenda as demanded by ideology of the Progressives genre. The will of the governed is completely and unabashedly ignored by the ruling elite so obsessively blinded by their determination to control and lord it over the political landscape."

The list is legion to illustrate the Administration's total disregard for the will of the governed. To cite a few examples, it includes the manner with which ObamaCare (cf op cit pp 291-292 ff) was enacted into law, not to mention the very substance of the bill itself. The czaring of America is an attempt to implement policy by bureaucracies not accountable to any kind of monitoring by the governed citizens. The circumvention of congress respecting implementation of the Immigration Dream Act by the bureaucrats at ICE after the idea was summarily rejected by Congress approaches the apex of lawlessness.

Don't be fooled by the seeming clumsiness of Holder and Carney. This Administration needs to be stopped sooner than later by whatever means we can legally leverage to deploy to countermand its none too subtle subterfuge.

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