Saturday, October 20, 2012

Downsizing American Expectations (5)~~Benghazi Tragedy, Redux

Kucinich: Do you know how many shoulder-fired ground-to-air missiles which can shot down commercial airlines are unaccounted for in Libya?

Nordstrom: The number is extremely fluid.  We understand it is between 10 and 20,000.

~~Congressional Hearings on Benghazi

I to the world am like a drop of water

That in the ocean seeks another drop,

Who, falling there to find his fellow forth,

Unseen, inquisitive, confounds himself: . . .

~~Shakespeare (Duke Solinus), The Comedy of Errors

Except for the fact that fluidity and numbers don’t properly belong to the same sentence, Nordstrom’s reply to Kucinich represents the most honest assessment of the Libya debacle, particularly as applies to the tragedy in Benghazi.  Numbers were invented as tools to facilitate counting discreet entities.  Fluidity is the traditional semaphore for a continuum, ordinarily impervious to counting.

Just like the water drop that is lost amongst the uncountable non-drops in the ocean, the false narrative of an obscure YouTube video deemed offensive to the tender sensibilities of Islam to have caused the sacking of the Benghazi consulate and the deaths of four Americans almost became indistinct from the tsunami of lies that the Obama Regime has perpetrated on the American people for more than forty-five months.

“Almost” is the operative modifier.  As Victor Davis Hanson most astutely and succinctly emphasized, []

In the past, hostage-taking, sniper shootings, or plane crashes accounted for the deaths of our ambassadors. The notion of an American ambassador trapped nearly alone for hours before succumbing to smoke inhalation, while helpless under sustained armed assault, cries out for explanation.

Unfortunately, events have a stubborn habit of defying precedents. Their unfolding inconveniently did not conform to the calculatingly planned and architected political propaganda template.  The Obama re-election campaign which has become synonymous with the Obama Administration, scrambled to retrofit the narrative into the template.  To wit, Victor Hanson continues,

An election-mode administration apparently was deeply invested in the post-convention narrative of Middle East calm — brought about by the end of bin Laden, the new reset diplomacy of a popular and cool-headed Barack Obama, the dismantling of al Qaeda by Predator-drone assassinations, and a US-shepherded Arab Spring.

It is obvious to everyone other than the most ardent of Pres. Obama’s acolytes that the Benghazi debacle was the tragic result of the Obama regime’s clumsy and incompetent attempt to sustain the delusional narrative that peace and harmony are at hand between the West and the Muslim world simply as a direct consequence to Pres. Obama’s being in the Oval Office.  Worse than that, the ensuing cover up violated every protocol of decency and due diligence expected in public service.

There is evidence aplenty that the White House deliberately misled the public in an attempt to maintain a semblance of consistency in its narrative.  No amount of feigned indignation and rehearsed affected petulance on the part of the President should mitigate the public outrage that he so richly deserves, unbridled by the constraints of civility.

It has become most urgently incumbent on Gov. Romney to bring up, front and center, the Libya debacle on Monday night’s debate.  Undoubtedly the subterfuge that Bob Schieffer may bring into the mix to continue the non-Fox-Media’s protective cocoon around the Obama campaign may prove formidable.  But it should be a measure of Gov. Romney’s bona fides for the Oval Office to expose the Benghazi tragedy in all its naked grotesqueness.

President Obama needs to lose his job over this.  Else the country is not fit to survive in a world when astute leadership is in dire demand.

As I warned earlier elsewhere [c.f., p.230 or see the entire chapter 14 with live hyperlinks sourcing at],

The Barbarians are not just at the gates. They are already at the helms of power and wrecking havoc on our patrimony, flushing our posterity down the drain of indebtedness, and bankruptcy of the fiscal, moral, and intellectual genre.

In any political campaign impeccable timing is a premium commodity.  The tragedy in Benghazi, replete with treasonous intrigues and chicanery, has presented Gov. Romney with a perfect opportunity in the next debate to dismantle, piece by piece, the moral bankruptcy of the Obama doctrine of appeasement in the face of a relentless and dangerous enemy.

Given this promise of a political campaign bonanza, President Obama’s reelection can only mean one thing.  Namely, an American populace overwhelmed and vanquished by a deluge of mendacity.  For such stupidity, we should all go down in history as a veritable disgrace to the human race.


  1. This is 5th in a continuing series leading to the election on how the Obama Regime is cutting down "to size" anything American to fit into his post-colonial ideological template that all the ills of the world have been caused by Americans using a disproportionate share of the world's resources at the expense of the rest of the world.

  2. In my haste to finish and publish the blogpost I have neglected to emphasize the expectations that has definitely been downsized in the case of Benghazi. To wit, the national polity's expectation that its elective and duly constituted government is duty bound to tell the nation the unadulterated truth about what it is doing.
    The Obama Regime's treatment of the Benghazi tragedy demonstrated in no uncertain terms, that truth is the least that we can expect from his legion of bureaucratic czars and campaign functionaries.