Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bluff & Bluster over the Broken Pottery Rule

Bluff & Bluster over the Broken Pottery Rule
Beyond reform is your predicament,
It's time you venture forth a better way!
Nor tears of bitterness, nor mute lament
Can free you from your own captivity!
That captors are your very native sons
Is but insult added to injury
And no excuse for patient tolerance
Nor cause to languish in your misery.
With debtors' need false leaders agonize,
For credits, they may make your people bleed;
Bleeding, you may yet seek to galvanize
To life true leaders of a bolder breed:
By visionary men are nations built
Thy lack of vision is this nation's guilt!!

When the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Tuscany, properly constituted authorities sought to indict neither the navigator nor the purser for the tragedy.  Nor was the incident explained away by any distractive activities on board the vessel or the nefarious alignment of the stars that imposed the Friday-the-13th date and all the evil influences attributed thereto from superstitious antiquity.

Despite well documented attempts to pass the blame to the helmsman, Capt. Francesco Schettino, was held accountable both by the state authorities and the established media, traditionally the advocate for and custodian of the truth in chronicling momentous events, especially ones with tragic consequences.
The Pottery Barn Rule is as old, if not older, an Americanism as the Declaration of Independence itself.  It was most recently notably popularized by then State Secretary Colin Powell in the run up to the Iraqi War.  But if Juan Williams and his usual-suspects cohorts of self-anointed Obama Acolyte Apologists have their way, that Americanism too soon shall be vanished from the National Lexicon, along with any notion of accountability.

Short of appointing a Scapegoat-in-chief as a cabinet post, the Obama Regime has done every conceivable thing in the sun to buttress the firewall insulating his Regime from any and all untoward unintended consequences that could possibly tarnish his Regime’s legacy.   A prominent aspect of that legacy is the successful damning down and draining out of traditional sensibilities from the long-chronically dyslexic American soul.

When the national landscape is finally drained off of the quagmire that is the Obama Legacy, only the fatalism of Omar Khayyam would be appropriate to pay tribute to the national folly of installing twice, by Affirmative Action, a blatant incompetent as President:

We are no other than a moving row 
Of Magic Shadow-shapes that come and go 
Round with the Sun-illumined Lantern held 
In Midnight by the
Master of the Show.

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