Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK Legacy Redux~~It’s Rommel’s Birthday

JFK Legacy Redux~~It’s Rommel’s Birthday

Could not find much else to do, that would not exhaust my reserved energy.   I therefore stayed with TCM (Turner Classic Movies) which, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, showed the below selections all of which I saw for the first time.  Ergo it afforded me some entertainment value.  I therefore almost enjoyed the series.  In fact I’d recommend to it to everybody so inclined to watch commercial-free TV.  So check them out when you can.

I threw in the “almost” qualifier because all the while I was thinking it was Rommel’s birthday.  He happens to be my oldest nephew.  He was most instrumental in getting me reconnected to the clan when I needed it most, i.e., in a timely fashion; and at a time when I did not know how.

The information in and of itself is nothing remarkable.  All of us happen to have been born not of our choosing where or when.  We are all historical incidentals unless of course we’re lucky enough to leverage the unfolding and recording of history.

I found it ironical that when your birthday, which by all reckoning has to be one of the most significant events in your life, happens to be coeval with a world historical event, e.g., the assassination of a U.S. President (only twice last century),  it becomes rather difficult to hide your true age.

You might say, whatever for?  Believe me, if you are resourceful and live long enough you’d find instances when the leverage of falsifying your age, in numerical terms, has some advantages.  At least one of my younger brothers can attest to it ~~ good, bad, indifferent or otherwise.

So to Rommel let me say: Happy Half A Century.  May you enjoy as much the second and third halves of a century that’s yet to come.

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