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AWAPE from Paris—Obama Uncloaked

AWAPE from Paris—Obama Uncloaked

On some fond breast the parting soul relies,
Some pious drops the closing eye requires;
Ev'n from the tomb the voice of Nature cries,
Ev'n in our ashes live their wonted fires.
Absent Without Any Plausible Explanation (AWAPE) is the condign label for Pres. Obama’s not joining the Solidarity March in Paris last Sunday.  However, for any astute observer the message is outrageously clear: in the war against the soldiers of Mohammed, Pres. Obama is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, and against the Judeo-Christian cultural traditions of Western Civilization.

So much airwave chatter had delved into the political implications of Pres. Obama’s all too visible absence from the Sunday Solidarity Rally in Paris.  No talking head has even tangentially touched a semblance of relevance, with the notable exception of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who does not have the habit of pulling any punches.  The Obama Regime’s grotesque non-representation in the event was painfully consistent with the ideology that underpins the Regime’s paradigm for governance.  {See, e.g., pp. 210 ff, Flirting with Misadventures, etc.}

It would have been a relief of ambrosial proportions if the omission were merely due to the bungling incompetence on the part of the Secret Service who allegedly could not come up with adequate security measures for the Presidential trip in such a short, thirty-six hour notice.  The more plausible explanation would be that the President opted to showcase his version of American Exceptionalism by emphasizing that the Obama Regime is not in the business of honoring victims of Islamic terrorism.

On the contrary, as he emphasized before the U.N. General Assembly on 25-Sep-2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam [original emphasis].”  Ergo, the publication that made journalism out of caricaturing the features and practices of Islamic traditional orthodoxy deserve no future on the planet.  They should be done away with post haste, and with extreme prejudice.  The Obama Regime is therefore organically incapable of expressing solidarity with the victims of Islamic terrorism by the sheer inertia of its undergirding ideology.

Pres. Obama is the quintessential “Wretched of the Earth” of Franz Fanon fame or notoriety, depending on which side of the ideological divide you examine the evidence.  That the American electorate sent him to the Oval Office twice should rank as one of the most grievous tragedies in the short history of the Republic ranking worse than the Civil War.

The predicament is the worst in history because for the first time we are forced into a war, whereby the Commander-in-Chief is unwilling to engage, let alone being committed to defeat the enemy.  Moreover, it can be shown conclusively that he is more invested in weaving a tangled web of deception designed to obfuscate the issues, appease the enemy, and overwhelm the citizenry with legerdemain of the subtlest genre.

As I emphasized earlier elsewhere {see,e.g., pp. 234 ff}:
Voting present on anything is a most appropriate euphemism for the subterfuge of opting to do nothing of consequence that can possibly influence the unfolding of events. Or more precisely, it is Obama speak for obfuscating the landscape to make it appear to a credulous public that the regime is doing something worthwhile and consequential. The approach works brilliantly under two conditions, namely, 1) when you don’t know what to do or what you are doing to change the situation, or 2) when the unfolding of events is trending towards your desired outcome, thus it serves well to let it ride.
President Obama has long established his bona fides as an ideologue.  It was his malignant ideology which compelled him to stay away from the Solidarity Rally.  In football parlance which is a most appropriate metaphor for the Obama Regime’s obsession with “leading from behind,” the President is deploying his no-huddle quick-snap offense playbook.  Again, revisiting the Flirting book {pp.209 ff}:
The danger is mortally grievous because the ideologue has the drive of a jihadist, especially if an annoying obstacle blocks his way, such as the patriotic resolve of the overwhelming majority of the populace. Then the operative battle cry becomes "Allahu Akbar " or some secularist variant thereof but doubtless as devastating if not more so. On perception of adversity, an ideologue is akin to a wounded beast, sensing its mortality, insisting on survival. The blinders of ideological delirium and retrenchment instincts are a lethal combination.
The longer this egregious usurpation of customary decency is beset upon the nation the more toilsome would the recovery and rehabilitation process be.  Ergo the sooner we can restrain this President from running roughshod over everything decent that this country stands for, the better the prospects would be for the country’s well-being.

The Obama Regime’s legerdemain is as to America what to Humpty Dumpty was the wall off which Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  Lest we forget:
All the King's horses, And all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!
We definitely need more than a knight in shining armor to accomplish the rescue.  We need the visionary acumen of a nation builder at par with those of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.  Maybe even just the shining city on the hill imagery invoked by Ronald Reagan would suffice.  As I earlier admonished in a somewhat different context:
With debtors' need false leaders agonize,
For credits, they may make your people bleed;
Bleeding, you may yet seek to galvanize
To life true leaders of a bolder breed:
By visionary men are nations built
Thy lack of vision is this nation's guilt!!
Failing the appearance of a visionary nation builder, America shall be destined to languish in political Purgatory, sharing the profound rhetorical questions of Thomas Gray:

Can storied urn or animated bust
Back to its mansion call the fleeting breath?
Can Honour's voice provoke the silent dust,
Or Flatt'ry soothe the dull cold ear of Death?

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