Saturday, June 13, 2015

Three Sonnets Linger

(CVII) ~Ruthless Reprise*

(Three Sonnets Linger)

Since beings must exist in time and space
Nothing we do might show to alter time
We are best served to willingly embrace
All which we muster make to prim our prime
From gross ridiculous to pure sublime:
Best brave more life into your shifty years
Than grieve upon years gone on life’s arrears!!!
Time, well known as one vast continuum
Unaltered by its myriad shifting sands
Unfettered, nor caring of decorum
All-giving yet frugal of stern demands
Nor heedful of the whims the heart commands:
Nor waste, nor save for future to redeem
Serves verdict for each trespass to condemn!!
The eves and flows most bards make us believe
To occur in the fleeting Tide of Time
Are sparks of reverie poets receive
As gratis gifts dreamed from the Muse’s chime
To weave the fabric of cadence with rhyme:
Soar free on wings of imagination
Push envelopes of the soul’s creation.

We sojourn through paths with junctions replete
Each path we take demands discard the rest
Never shall that selfsame juncture repeat
Should picked path prove to be, or not the best:
Events are ordained irreversible
Despite beliefs all things are possible.
Famed Ruins that Spenser** waxed loquacious on
Were not by wrath of ruthless time begot
But by natural deterioration
Inherent to the elemental knot
Losing strength, turning to amorphous rot:
Devoid of any witting intentions
Sans charity, sans malicious passions.
How then Khayyam would attributes impute
In none but twins of hundred-one quatrains***
First as bird with wings, next as host confute
Conflicting views that mortify the brains
Ere lost in cadence of furtive refrains:
Hence feign acquit by licensed poetry
Mere mortals’ trespass on posterity!!
© Constancio S. Asumen, Jr, all rights reserved via
*With the headline blurb, “2SuzettePortesSanJose 4TimeUntold” the first seven lines got drafted as a casual rejoinder to a poem and photo entitled “Time Untold” posted on the Facebook page of Suzette Portes San Jose.  I worked it up to a full sonnet to foster its own copyright protection.  Four more stanzas were since added to the opus, effectively losing its stature/status as a sonnet but may pass as a multiple sonnets.

***Cf., The Rubaiyat (VII, XXII) at

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