Friday, January 28, 2011

A Tribute to SS Columbia7 Redux

On the anniversary of the SS Columbia mihaps, and at a time when the transformational Obama statist regime has no qualms on transforming NASA into a vehicle of outreach into the Muslim world, it behooves to revisit and reiterate our homage to the SS Columbia crew who had rendered the ultimate measure of their devotions to the cause of Libert and the Pursuit of Happiness, the proposition on which this America we inherited from our Founding Fathers, have flourished for than two centuries which is not being mortally threatened by the machinations of the statist Obama regime. So once again I beg your indulgence to share with me these sentiments which I rendered into verse, minutes after I heard of the mihap.

God bless you and God bless America
To Columbia 7: A Tribute
To you, the valiant heirs of Prometheus,
Of Liebnitz, Kepler, and Copernicus,
We mourn our lose but celebrate the cause
That caused the ultimate measure of your
Devotion, proclaimed in blazing glory,
And sealed your rendezvous with Destiny.
In votive gratitude and homage pledge
To keep your tourch aflame and let endure
Ages of unbegot posterity.
Hence every fragment that your ship had strewn
Should our ambitions amply leverage
And claim your vintage courage as our own:
All wholesome sacrifice to Liberty
The ransom price for Immortality!!

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