Sunday, December 18, 2011

Added A Current Featured Page(s)

In consonance with the yuletide spirit, page 170 of the Flirting with Misadventures book has been unbundled as a Featured Page on the book’s website.  And for the benefit of those who have been worn shopping weary by traipsing tirelessly through none too crowded, nay, eerily almost empty malls, or simply cyber-surfing in whatever networking device you are hooked on, I’m going to save you yet one more click of the mouse by reproducing the page in its entirety below.

In Lieu of a Greetings Card*             

Often the truth we sadly miss

As we see only what we know.

Nor each occasion could reveal

The gravity of what we feel,

 On things we dare and dare not do.

Yet, though in vain, let me express

 One simple thought, one sincere wish:

That may with love and peaceful bliss

Replete you find the Holidays!


And may the seasons thereafter

 Be seasoned with mirth and laughter.

The rare occasioned somber sky

 May not but serve to amplify

 The happiness of days gone by

 And glories of unyielding prime,

And promises of days that lie

Uncharted in the blue abyss

 And daunting vagaries of Time!

May each grief find sweet redress;

 Alien to fears, much less to tears,

 May triumphs and exploits increase

All through the fast succeeding years!

H A P P Y   H O L I D A Y S !!

This piece was minted in 1980 and it has been regularly recycled since then and imposed on anybody unlucky enough to have touched my trajectory, no matter how tangentially or peripherally it might have been.  As long as I keep renewing my faith in Divine Providence, I don’t expect the spirit of Christmas to grow stale on me.  Ergo these verses would live on to be a most appropriate expression of my sentiments. I therefore both expect and intend to continue sending it around yearly for as long as I have the strength and wherewithal to click a mouse.

As for the new page to the website, it’s going to remain an integral feature and the contents will be changed according to whatever tickles the whimsy and captures the caprice of the author/webmaster.  This should remain true for as long as the site is operational and the book is in the market.

It has been said of old, especially in the old country: “entre el gusto no hay discurso.  My translation: “inclinations are off limits to negotiations.”  So with malaise towards none and charity for all, let me enjoin you to take the page for an occasional test drive and enjoy the rideJ

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