Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Donation to the Wounded Warriors’ Project

Barely a month after my book was released by the publisher I filled out a form at the New York City chapter website of The Wounded Warriors’ Project (WWP) to the effect that I wanted to pledge to donate a certain percentage of the book’s accrued royalties to that organization.  Having not heard anything from them, I repeated the same exercise last week, albeit directing it to the Jacksonville, FL site.

Apparently my attempts have been summarily ignored by the organization.  Not prone to give up easily, I sent out the message below to hoping that I would at least get some feedback of sorts.  I have not heard from them yet so I’m going public with it anyway.  They can sue me for good intentions if they so choose.  I am aware of the clichĂ© that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I concede that 25% to 40% of nothing (yet) does not amount to a hill of beans.  I however contend that the intention to share constitutes a decent start for this season of giving, especially that it is about what I have left to give.

=========Begin Excerpt========

My recently (9/12/11) released book constitutes the entirety of my personal estate.  As a modest token of my gratitude and appreciation for their service to my country, I pledge to donate to the Wounded Warriors’ Project (WWP) a percentage of the royalties from the book according to the schedule below.

Wounded Warriors’ Project Donations Schedule:

First 200 copies                   25%

Next 300 copies                          30%

Next 500 copies                          35%

Every copy thereafter         40%

This schedule applies to BOTH the electronic and printed editions tallied separately.

I would like to publicize the Pledge on the book's website, Please advise should you foresee any legal impediments or untoward ramifications to this scheme. 

Your feedback would be most gratefully appreciated.

Dated 12-December-2011 in Coram, NY.

With a song in my heart: regards & carpe diem,

C. Stan Asumen. Jr.

Being connected makes all the difference!

=========End Excerpt========

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