Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Delicious Food Metaphor

“I enjoy your writing (even if I do not comment or reply); it is like a good sour cream ~ quite thick, a bit bitter but with a smooth texture and refreshing aftertaste, and more, ~ it can be applied to many occasions… Keep on.”

Oleg Gang, Leader for Soft/Bio Nanomaterials at Brookhaven National Labs.

Truth be told, I don’t even like sour cream.  It gives me heartburn. Both its consistency and aroma remind me of, the porridge which, I, as a farm boy, used to produce out of coconut milk in my father’s barn, in a huge wooden barrel or a clay pot, fermented overnight and chilled by the tropical mountain air. It was used mainly to bathe the water buffaloes with as a lice killer and repellent.

Admittedly, there is no debating when it comes to taste.  The proclivities of my taste buds’ are more inclined toward Uni (sashimi than sushi) and Oysters on the half-shell, sans horse radish. I habitually spike my Kim Chee with a generous splash of Tabasco sauce.  I know more than a few people who consider these culinary inklings as bordering on the abominable.

Nevertheless, I must concede, this food metaphor accolade of my writing endeavors stokes the ego in a most inspiringly pleasurable manner.  Just from the locution “I can taste it with my eyes,” I tend to believe that the faculty of taste can be considered the most susceptible of all the senses. It is therefore, the most flattering whenever it is invoked. That the comment has been imported as the latest entry on the Flirting Website’s Testimonials page, is as natural as day follows night.
It is understood: when compliments are rather few and far between, every single one that comes your way is treasured as the most priceless and rarest of all gems, much more than all the jewels in Sheba or Cleopatra’s crown.

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