Sunday, January 15, 2012

Revisiting Recent Personal Milestone

I have often referred to the traffic mishap of 6/30/2011 from the effects of which I still am trying to recover.  In order to preserve the accessibility of online documentation, I decided to publish this post to facilitate a visual reference to the event.
Just Lucky, I Guess

To be imbued with such irresistible charms that bewitched, bothered, and bewildered 18-year-old females don't let me be.  This time around she just happened to cross my path at the wrong mph while I was behind the wheel of the pictured Lincoln Town Car below.

Result: W. Ernst Hanley moment, viz., "my head is bloodied but unbowed.”

Prognosis: Never a dull moment for up to six months to mend from a compression fracture of at least one lumbar vertebrae.  The good news is, there is no evident injury to the spinal cord.  It only hurts when I cough, laugh, clear my throat or make any sudden moves. I still can proof the book in a wheel chair and still make it a rewarding experience.

Reaction: We have to play the cards we are dealt with and leverage the most we can get from the hand.

Lingering Enigma: It’s most astounding that my Physician cannot seem to imagine or believe that I could possibly be seriously injured from it. I’m good but at the end of my wits I come up empty.  I refuse to attribute it to possible “malicious indifference to the patient’s well-being” because I otherwise consider her the most pleasant physician with impeccable professional decorum that I have had the privilege of being a patient to in almost 67 yearsJ

For now, I have no choice but to defer to good old Khayyam:

There was the Door to which I found no Key;
There was the Veil through which I might not see:
Some little talk awhile of Me and Thee
There was--and then no more of Thee and Me.

Can anybody out there hazard any viable alternate explanation?  Your only possible reward would be the knowledge of helping out one of God’s creatures in the throes of senilityJ

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