Friday, September 21, 2012

Downsizing American Expectations

"It is dangerous to uphold freedom. That is the lesson we should take".
--Harry Roque, Law Professor, University of the Philippines

It is indeed a sad day in God’s green acres when a university lecturer in an erstwhile American colony exhibits more principled intestinal fortitude in defending the U.S. Bill of Rights than evinced by the White House and the Obama regime’s various tentacles of power from the State Department to the Justice Department. 

Prof. Roque, at the risk of antagonizing his employers and losing an ongoing gig on human rights, insists “during a lecture on constitutional rights . . . to teach his students about freedom of expression.”  It seems he understands better than our Lecturer on Constitutional Law in a President Obama that the First Amendment also protects the most dysfunctional expression of even the most idiotic and incoherent ideas, regardless of whose feelings might get hurt in the process for deeming it “insensitive,” Muslims definitely included.

The State Department puts out TV ads promoting by denunciation this so-called incendiary video. We spend borrowed money from China to proclaim that the United States government does not unconditionally support the Bill of Rights amendments to the Constitution, especially if it offends Islam’s religious sensibilities.  Admittedly, this is par for the course for Liberal Democrats a.k.a. Progressives.  And some Americans want four more years of this regime? Go figure.

I can only conclude that either the pollsters are deliberately lying to promote an agenda of their own or the national polity has irretrievably gone dyslexic.

As I emphasized earlier elsewhere, [c.f., pp. 220~222 ff at]
“That Barack Hussein Obama ascended into the Oval Office is symptomatic of the political dyslexia that the country has sunk into, thanks in part to sustained assault on American educational institutions perpetrated by the so-called “Progressives,” that goes as far back as the turn of the last century, and the philosophical ideas of John Dewey, . . .

“The celebration of decadence and the sanctification of victimhood and dependency are two sides of the same currency coin which I dubbed as National Dyslexia. Not just in the context of literacy in particular, but in the context of perception in general, i.e., the difficulty if not outright failure to recognize and synthesize visual, spatial, and auditory relationships into a coherent gestalt, reliable and replicable perceptual representation of the outside world.”

That there are no “spontaneous” (to borrow the regime’s parlance) eruption of mass protests in the streets of Washington, DC and other metropolitan areas expressing outrage at the sight of the American Flag being burnt and trampled upon in the Islamic world, and demanding that the Obama regime, at the very least, honor its oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” has been proof positive that the Obama regime has successfully diminished the country’s expectation of what America can and cannot do.

It is a sad day in God’s creation when Old Glory is reduced to a groveling apology for what it used to proudly stand for by a constitutional scholar and community organizer to appease the sensibilities of his Islamic heritage.

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  1. It is quite obvious that the Obama Regime lied to the American people on what really caused the violence that resulted in the death of Ambassador Stevens. The Regime is covering up the total collapse of the Obama Doctrine by perpetrating a lie. The none-Fox-media, to borrow Ann Coulter’s parlance, has been covering up the cover-up.

    President Nixon lost his job for the same offense. Where is the outrage this time?

    That rioting on the street to demand that Obama come clean on the incident has not ensued indicates one of two things. It can be a tribute to American patience and perseverance in insisting that we are a civilization governed by laws not men. It can be also incontrovertible evidence that the country has been so jaded in its sensibilities, overwhelmed by its moronic ignorance, incapable of being offended like a drunk drowning in its own vomit.