Monday, September 17, 2012

Incompetence Bordering on Treason


 Most chances as begot of discontent
           Of others, prove best opportunities
           To probe the limits of your worth; else, vent
           Your umbrage at some worthless legacies:
           Such are the monuments of gross incompetence,
           Much shame well-hid in codes for else ill-hidden sins!
~~The Schuman-Spinoza Sonnets (C.f., p.140)

By its own admission, the Obama Regime was utterly clueless as to what ravaged the once awe-inspiring ethos of American sovereignty on the eleventh anniversary of the 11-Sep-2001 initial jihadist assault on American soil.  The effort to attribute the recent Egyptian and Libyan assaults on American territories to an obscure internet video non-sympathetic to Islam was pathetically long on chutzpah and short on credibility. 

That the regime even attempted to sell this narrative to the American people is yet another instance of the contempt that the Obama Regime holds vis-à-vis the intelligence and sensibilities of the American people.

Apparently, despite President Obama’s explicit claims to being sympathetic to the Muslim agenda because of his capacity for better resonance with Islamic sensibilities stemming from his father being a Muslim socialist and having spent part of his boyhood in Indonesia under the tutelage of his Muslim stepfather, the POTUS had not heard of Islamic Triumphalism.  He therefore could not even suspect that the jihadists would seek to celebrate the anniversary of their initial 11-Sep-2001 exploits with another successful assault on American sovereignty. 

He was too pre-occupied in his mission to keep his job.  He did not even bother to reinforce the security measures around our domains abroad.  This gross negligence took place notwithstanding explicit warnings from no less a reliable source than the Muslim Brotherhood.

Every American worth a grain of salt should seriously and deliberately ask: if President Obama can so audaciously flaunt about his blatant disregard for the security of the country at the height of his campaign for re-election, to which direction would he stir the ship of state once he gets re-elected?  What exactly was the nature and scope of the flexibility he pledged to Putin to be at his disposal during a second Obama term?

When the traditional media painstakingly avoided asking this question they abandoned their once exalted role as the voice of the national conscience.  They effectively became protectors and enablers of the recalcitrant mendacity that characterizes the Obama White House.

Thus it came to pass that after the Cairo Embassy perimeter was breached, the best response the regime could deliver was fifteen hours of deafening silence.  This was the historical equivalent of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burnt down.  In marine ballistics parlance, this was the logistical equivalent of rigging a torpedo for delayed detonation.

Americans should be weary and apprehensive of both the historical and the logistical parallels.  They should be acutely cognizant that the decadent recalcitrance of Nero was a prelude to the demise not only of just the Caesar Dynasty but also, and more significantly, of the grandeur that was the Roman Empire.

Likewise, deploying a delayed torpedo to a deliberately camouflaged target for the sake of confusing the American public respecting your real intentions, or to disguise the fact that you are absolutely clueless on what you need to do or what you are doing can backfire and reduce the ship of state to smithereens.  The fallout of such devastation would make the noonday landscape of a nuclear winter a veritable vivacious inspiration Shangri-La.

It behooves to emphasize that the targeted killing of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi represents a qualitative escalation of the Islamic jihadists’ war against us.  The atrocities of 11-Sep-2001, horrific as they might have been, were vastly and loosely targeted assaults designed to inflict the maximum number of casualties.  In contrast, the Benghazi affair meant that the enemy’s specific tracking and targeting capabilities for high value assets prevailed over our own counter measures. 

It does not bode well for America.  If we continue to tolerate the myth that this was all provoked by a YouTube video that hardly anybody has seen, it would amount to a self-deception bordering on treason.


  1. On second thought, what provoked the riot was less important than the fact that our territory was invaded and we demonstrated to the world that we could not stop it.

    The event projected what Charles Krauthammer characterized as "a declaration of weakness and passivity."{}

  2. Conventional wisdom has it that whenever the country is at war, Americans always rally behind the Administration because we unite against a common enemy.

    But if we as citizens don't call the bladerdash that this administration is selling to hide its incompetence, we should be as guilty of treason as any who aided and abetted the attackers who murdered the Ambassador.