Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Original English Lyrics Catalogue

Original English Lyrics Catalogue

Below is a catalog of Original English Lyrics compositions as posted in the venue in reverse chronological order of opus completion and posting thereabouts.  They are listed in the order played in the attached YouTube playlist above.

I am calling on all adventurous souls to take every one of them [English version of course] for test drive and send me feedback as to how the locutions handle the melody curves ~>  Mighty bumpy or relatively smooth ride?  Don’t pull any punches.  I can take any criticism, good, bad, indifferent or otherwise.

(04) [Contrite Entreaty, You Alone, Pardon In Oblivion, Maroon In Scorn]

This is intended to be a work in progress.  So the list may hopefully grow as more titles come out of the crucible of lyrics mongering. 

Here’s to thank you very kindly for indulging an aging old man’s whimsy.  Just one clip per donor, please.  Just for the record, so far not a single soul has bothered with any of it.

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