Friday, June 4, 2010

My Last Hurrah

        My Last Hurrah!!

(XXXI)*                [1]

Through a few crossroads passed sans looking back

Nor venture on the odds speculate

Nor feign excuse for shortcomings, alack,

Onward through many storms I navigate.

Else dwell malignant in the tide of Time,

Fall hostage to self-made predicament,

And dream of glories of yet unborn prime

To spend the twilight days in deep lament

Of ill forfeited opportunities.

For sure, this juncture will its mark imprint

Much more than just unsettling memories.

To mark on it as much, was my intent:

     Leave to the gods frustration's litany,

     To keep my rendezvous with destiny.


(XXXII)*                [2]

Thanks to you all it has been a pleasure.

May our paths cross in yet productive ways.

Your endeavors may, in ample measure,

Accrue rewards of fun and sunshine days!

And for the few who went out of your way

On maybe many a few occasions

To rescue one otherwise dismal day

From the clutches of some futile questions,

Nay, inertia of impending ruin,

Not for lack of gratitude I seemed

To fail to reciprocate for certain

A favor owed. Rather, it is bedeemed

That good deeds do self-compensation make

    In doing them, rewards the doers take!

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