Monday, June 7, 2010

Rejoinder for Matet’s Wall

Well said, my dear.  Unfortunately, wherever and whenever there are at least two individuals politics obtains because you have disparate souls and sets of dreams and aspirations.  To the extent that you want to obtain consensus amongst individuals politics becomes necessary, albeit maybe a necessary evil. 


How progress is construed is crucial to the verity of your formulation. Progress cannot simply mean embracing the new while discarding the old. What is most important to the individual is increasing the mastery of freedom over necessity. Unfortunately, politics determines both freedom and necessity.


If you are the only one in the sun you can do whatever tickles your fancy. But if there is me to spoil the landscape, then you better make sure to take into account what tickles my fancy. Else there will be conflict between us. Politics is nothing but the art of conflict resolution to establish a consensus.


The laws of politics boil down to last person standing. One has to survive to look after one's interests. The politics of laws, other than natural laws, demands you saturate the landscape with kindred proclivities as yours to ensure your interests prevail.

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