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Assorted English Lyrics Original Redux by Stan, et al

Assorted English Lyrics Original Redux by Stan, et al

It has been a week since I first posted the Assorted English Lyrics.  I since added one more, the Karinyosa.  Ergo, I deem an update to the post is called for to incorporate this latest addition.

My one ardent dream when I’m loving
Is to captivate to heaven’s gate
Someone who loves me without counting
The ways which I might reciprocate
If I can but quench all this yearning
I swear to brave whatever danger
Beyond control’s, my burning passion:
Love’s affection

Heart of mine, ever apprehensive
If you should soon forget
A verdict I’d believe, but not forgive
Love of mine, wherever hope may dwell
There seething with regret
Nursed, my love will prevail.

Pray thee, love of mine, hear my wishes
In forgetfulness don’t let me vanish
Your own way of loving me shall live
I’ll treasure it like gems to my grave
Should I show affection excessive
By your side it burns most explosive
Expect my love shall henceforth endure:

If we are speaking of beauty
None beats the suave maid Pilipina
Be she somber or be she happy
She’s affectionate as she can be
She dismisses her worries aside
Tackles her troubles in gleeful stride
Affectionate spells Pilipina:
True love’s manna


Yes, sweetheart! You are my one true love
Your heart is all golden
You are the dream of all who falls in love
You’re the gem, of suitors beholden
Whose lives are all forlorn
If you treat them with scorn

[Repeat (4), (5)]**
*”Affectionate” is the direct English translation of the Tagalog word “Karinyosa” the title of the original melody.  It can arguably claim as the most popular melody to emerge out of the Filipino cultural landscape.  The Tagalog lyrics record various versions I cannot be sure which one is the rightful original.  It certainly has been the most parodied song in my native dialect, Boholano-Cebuano.  The lyrics are sung to the melody in the attached YouTube playlist clip.

**Verses (4) and (5) are Pilita Corales Variations and materials were taken from the YouTube clip attached:

Lighted Lamps Fandango*
At the village fiesta
Your dance was the vista
What a pleasant sight to behold
When such dainty steps you'd unfold

And the three small glasses
Lighted lamps’ bright flashes
Gently balanced on your head
And back of each hand, while you swayed

But what you did not know
Was that I was watching you
And you captivated me
With your dancing gait with charm and glee

Ever since that blest day
You enthralled my reverie
For my heart being in swoon
Can’t drown you in oblivion

You held all in awe
Of your dancing show
All three lighted lamps did you keep
While you pranced and swayed with your hip

This poor heart of mine
Is forever thine
Pray thee, handle it with care
For it is very fragile, dear!!!
*Translated from the Tagalog lyrics as audio-transcribed from the YouTube clip below, ergo, sung to the accompanying melody:

Rustic Rhapsody*

Dance away my darling, and sing along
With the spell of the tunes in the grove
Forget for one moment, your agonies
Fly in dreams with your passion of love

Hold my hands my darling, and tenderly
Feel my heart’s eager palpitation
Should you feel me squeeze, your palm with tenderness
My certain signal of, love's devotion

Take notice, my anguish, glint in these, enraptured eyes
It should translate with ease, what to you I confess
My true love shall endure, forevermore.

[Repeat (1),(2),(3),(3)]
Author Notes
*Metric-driven English rendition of “Tugtuging Bukid” with Tagalog lyrics gleaned from the YouTube clip below, ergo sung to the cadence of its melody:
© Constancio S Asumen Jr. All RIGHTS reserved, 15 days ago

My Native Land (Bayan Ko)*
([Metric-driven English rendition of the Tagalog])

My cherished country, Philippines
Land endowed with bounteous opulence
In thy realm is cradled love sublime
Unblemished in the Tides of Time

Tempted by thy beauteous splendor
Foreign horde had plundered thy shore
Caused thee languid poverty
Robbed thee of liberty

Lo, the birds that freely fly with pride
Fiercely cry if in a cage were tried
How much more for people who should strive
To live proudly and not just survive

Philippines, I ardently adore
Crucible where sweat and tears endure
It’s my lifelong quest
To see thee thrive, in freedom blessed!!!
Author Notes
*Tagalog lyrics were gleaned by audio from the melody in the YouTube Clip below.
My sourcing search in cyberspace found a couple of extant rendering of the song in English. I however contend that this, my rendition, pays even more fidelity to the substance of the original song than the extant English renditions before it. 
© Constancio S Asumen Jr. All RIGHTS reserved, a month ago

Songbird Serenade (Dalawidaw)*
Now,  Dalawidaw, how you sing with enchantment
Your magnetic smile bodes poetic endearment
In my dreams you grace me with a double likeness
The mermaid at surf-side, and the fairy princess

Raised in the mountain, but domiciled in the hut
Spring off the fountain your gorgeous portrait begot
The trickle of the brook, eulogize your beauty
Much like your mirror look, idolize you plenty

Jungle wild flowers like idolatry rituals
Precariously flirting with vagaries of chance
Rapacious butterfly’s most audacious askance
Feast siphons in the nectar off virgin petals

Tender once was such night, charged with glorious splendor
In that cozy hut, we vowed our love to treasure
Prize slice of paradise, sown with first love fervor
Pure living memento, we’ll store forevermore!!
Author Notes
*A Metric Driven English Rendition of the folksong “Dalawidaw” based on the vocalized lyrics in Hiligaynon from the YouTube playlist below:  Ergo, sung to the tune of this melody.
Hiligaynon is the native dialect of the Western-Central Visayas region in the Philippines, whence the folksong presumably originated.  Dalawidaw is an oriole-like bird and does exist in mundane form.  The bird however has attained mystical dimensions in Filipino folklore, akin to that attributed to the Nightingale in western cultures.  Based on my Google-search on the folksong, it seems that this is one of the pioneering English lyrics to be retrofitted into the melody.
© Constancio S Asumen Jr. All RIGHTS reserved, a month ago

Rapture Measure*
I feel quite fortunate
To requite your courtship passionate
What would you have me do
With a wife who's doting on you
Should we deign reminisce
The memories we shared in our bygone days
I drown in apprehension
For my love claims me your own
[Repeat (1)]
Just let it be, there’s no use in trying to blame me
Since you’d forsaken me, I sought other company
It was not so long ago
That to our graves I vowed to love you
But not once a fleeting glance
Had you thrown me if by chance

[Instrumental (1)]
Just let it be, there’s no use in trying to blame me
Since you’d forsaken me, I sought other company
It was not so long ago
To my last breath I vowed to love you
But not once a leering glance
Had you thrown me if by chance
Perchance if you’re chided
By your wife beloved
Don’t sulk in frustration

Enfold her in your arms
Enchant her with your charms
Till she melts in rapture

Nibble at her navel
Titillate her whimsies
Bathe her with caresses

Her angst will unravel
Her angst will unravel
Her laughter will endure

Perchance if you’re chided
By your wife beloved
Don’t sulk in frustration

Enfold her in your arms
Enchant her with your charms
Prove your full devotion

Nibble at her navel
Frolic at her level
Kiss her with affection

Her angst will unravel
Her angst will unravel
In laughter she will swoon

Northward of her exposed navel,
Goad your hands to travel
Should you feel a warm thrill,
Do not fret, drink your fill
Sup on the sap dripping,
From love’s endearing ecstasies
Tease, lavish with a kiss,
The fountain of your bliss
Possess your happiness:

Taste, lavish with your kiss,
The fountain of her bliss
Relish her  happiness!!!

Author Notes
*(A Metric Driven English Rendition of Dangaw Dangaw) based on the vocalized lyrics of the YouTube clip below:  Ergo, sung to the tune of this melody.

Since this venue does not support collaborative joint authorship for  copyright reserves disclaimers, it behooves to emphasize that the copyright notation for this piece would have more appropriately read: [© Ria Yap Campomanes & Constancio S. Asumen, Jr.], this being a total collaboration between the two of us and I gratefully thank Ria for consenting to the conspiracy, attained thanks to my exceptional persuasive powers, I'd like to think.

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