Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sir Samurai Sonnet

(XCIII) ~> Sir Samurai Sonnet
[Lyrics for Ode to the Samurai]
(Sung to the theme music of “The Seven Samurai”)

An exemplary life you lead Sir Samurai
Brave all the odds sans make one lame alibi
Come rain come snow, wildest tempests defy
Yearn for the quarter of the rare starry sky
Through trying times calmly your grief dignify
By the sword you live, by the sword you die.

Much like the flag in the crucible of battles
The samurai’s valor vaingloriously unfurls
Nor fears nor doubts, not a smidgen of dismay
The samurai soldiers on to clinch victory
Just like the wind that the wicked tempest unleashed
You consume your strength by blowing over your best:

Your lifelong quest is to make one huge difference

With persuasive means not excluding violence!!!

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  1. This is my latest attempt at minting some verses to go with the music of the theme from Akira Kuruisawa's epic film The Seven Samurai. I hereby acknowledge the help that my recent exposure to some of the verse-smiths at in finally stringing together a few lines to gel into a semblance of the sonnet.