Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Birthday Gift Wish List

My Birthday Gift Wish List

Given that nobody asked me what I wanted for a Birthday Gift, here’s my wish list.  May nobody find it too onerous and exorbitantly overbearing.

I would ask anybody who wishes me well today to send me a YouTube clip of you, the well-wisher, singing any of the following songs whose lyrics I recently minted (using my rendition, of course).  Limit to one clip only per donor, please.  Or I might start charging royalties:J

(2) [Matam-is Ang Magpa-ubos]

Here’s to thank you very kindly for indulging an aging old man’s whimsy.   Just one clip per donor, please.  Just for the record, so far not a single soul has bothered with any of it.J

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